Our new home in France

While looking for a house to rent, somewhere to base ourselves while we hunt for the right property, we found the perfect house in the perfect spot -and with the help of the lovely people at Cle Rouge Immobilier in Duras it is ours! This blog is primarily for our friends and family to follow the ups and downs of the adventures. However if we don't know you, I hope you'll enjoy the story too, and that one day you may consider booking into our lovely home as a paying guest - you'll be made very welcome!

Friday, 10 December 2010

What a difference a few days makes!

The car passed it's CT test, the mechanic had a wry smile as I handed him the bolt left over from fitting the new lights and explained in my best French that I would like him to check the beams before the test! A couple of days later, the next big test of my French, dealing with the paperwork to complete the registration at two separate government offices. The result though is.........
........ the ceremonial changing of the number plates!
Just in time to go back to the UK for a short trip next week.
The house has moved on too. Bathrooms are tiled, lots (but not all) woodchip is stripped off the walls. There are more holes in the walls - BUT.....we have lights and new sockets in some rooms (none in others!), Wifi in the kitchen and we have TV!
Jeremy, our fantastic electrician hiding behind the new satellite dish.

This used to be the roof of the barn........now it's the foundation for the terrace.
The barn is now roofless, and ready to begin it's transformation into a luxury, two bed gite. Ready by Christmas I'm sure I heard Chris say! (Only joking, Chris!)
See that blue sky? That's what we're here for! .....and this......sunrise over the frosty orchards.

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